I get so excited what I'm going to be in Halloween every year. Same time I'm enjoying to do makeup on my man. I was thinking to be Transformer this year but I couldn't find cool costume. When I found this red shirt, I thought "Michael Jackson!". Then I made my future husband the zombie in "Thriller" video by putting vampire makeup applications around his eyes. It took 1 hour from human to zombie! It was fun night★

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Model: Scotty Enyart



I worked for Universal Studio booth "Haunting Mansion". I made mask from "Dawn of the Dead" molds. It was the one of big convention for ZOMBIE fan. I was demonstration How to make Zombi face. It was very fun!

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Work: Universal Studio "Haunting Mansion" Booth
Purpose: Demonstration How To Make Zombi Face



If Harry Potter had a sister she would be Mary Potter and that is who I am. I am using my wand to wake up the zombie.

For the zombie, I took a mold on his face to create a face mask and applied scar makeup. Yes he is all fake.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Model: Mari Okumura + Scotty Enyart
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